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"... Antonio Pontón and Associates is very proud to be the most innovative design office of its kinds in Puerto Rico."
Who are we?
We are a group of highly motivated architects and engineers who love our work! We like to say that we perform like a good orchestra, each playing his best and all together producing a performance like one unit. Architect Pontón used to play in a rock band, then a latin band and now... well he still plays the congas! (Maybe that's why we all like the metaphor.) Our motivation is to produce high quality architectural design solutions. Speaking of quality, Architect Pontón remarks:

"Back in 1979 when I was starting as an architect, Philip Crosby was redefining the operating philosophy of quality in very large conglomerates and corporations. His ideas were very simple, creating a very structured and intelligent way of approaching the quest for quality. I was enrolled in his seminars by one of our clients in 1992. I learned a good lesson back then,' improvingyour business is a journey that never ends'. Quality is something that has to be described to become real, measured to be undestood and applied to be successful. We all try our best to acheive quality in architecture and we love to share what that means to us. Please read more about quality in our organization."

Antonio Pontón
Architect / Owner

Vivian Rivera
Jovanny Betancourt
Amarilys Rodriguez
Ivelisse Berrios
Jesus Pacheco
Dalgis Lara
Background and Philosophy:
Antonio Pontón and Associates is an architectural design office located in University Gardens, Río Piedras. During the past fifteen years, Architect Pontón has continually developed an advanced office integration project for the production of computer aided presentations and plans. This novel enterprise began in the city of Caguas where the first fully computerized architectural office-experiment was developed with the firm Iglesias Vazquez and Associates. This project helped Architect Pontón to full implementation of applications software for architecture, civil engineering, G.I.S. and Facilities Management and the creation of a multitude of architectural projects.

Architecture is Art... For this reason, and different to other professional applications, technology alone can't solve design problems. Our office has implemented a scientific approach to all our architectural design procedures, making each project a controlled process that guarantees success combined with the highest quality. But, the single most important asset of our design office is true dedication and intelligence, something that we share in abundance with our clients.

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